Thailand Wills

Thailand Wills

Last Wills are extremely important to foreigners residing Thailand, particularly when married to a Thai spouse. Keep in mind that it is your spouse’s Will that you need. This is because the Thailand property of your spouse does not automatically come to you as might be expected. And vice-versa, upon your death, your property in Thailand does not automatically go to your spouse.

Also, if you are unmarried and die without a Last Will, or none can find a Will, the property you own in Thailand will pass under Thai law to the family in this order :

  1. Children
  2. Parents
  3. Brothers and Sisters
  4. Half Brothers/Sisters
  5. Grandparents
  6. Uncle and Aunts

This may not be what you want..

A Thai Will must follow certain requirements as to witnessing, signing and sealing. We do Wills and our prices are very reasonable.